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How I Make Money Writing: Amazon Associate Affiliate Marketing Part 2

Approved as an Amazon Associate

As I mentioned in Part 1, the general consensus on the web is that the Amazon affiliate program is easy to join and get started using. That proved very true in my case. Despite the application stating that it could take up to 3 days for approval, I received my approval email less than 24 hours after my application. Great, so now what?

Learning the Links

The first order of business is to start adding some links to Amazon products on my blogs. Ok, sounds simple enough, but how easy it it? Now that I am an affiliate, when I visit, there is an Associate bar across the top of the page. The very first button on that bar is Link to this page.

amazon associate bar

Clicking the button gives you three options, Text and Image, Text Only, or Image Only. Each option generates the necessary HTML code for each product link. My Associate ID is even pre-generated in the code so I don’t have to add it manually. All I have to do is copy the HTML and paste it into my blog post.

amazon associate link tool

Let’s see how it works. As an example I am linking to one of my favorite books on the art of writing, Steering the Craft by Ursula K. Le Guin. You can take a look at it here:

Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing for the Lone Navigator or the Mutinous Crew

It is really just that simple and if anyone does follow the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. The title of the book I selected is a little long. While I could manually shorten the title in the code, I don’t have to, because the link tool allows me to enter my own custom link text in Link Text box. I will make it a little shorter:

Learn the art of writing with Steering the Craft by Ursula K. Le Guin.

The shorter link looks more natural and fits in better with the surrounding text. Of course, I could also use an image link for the product. This would show my readers exactly what the product looks like. It is just as easy to create as the text link. Here is a sample of an image link:

Everything I had read so far though, suggests that relevant text links in the body of a blog article get the most clicks. So my first strategy is to add text links to products highly relevant to the subject of my blog article.

My First Affiliate Linked Blog Post

Here is my first attempt. In the travel article, Route 66 in Pop Culture, I discuss and then link to some Amazon items that relate to the history of Route 66.

Each of the items appears twice. First embedded in the paragraph describing the items relevance and then again at the end in a summary list of all the items mentioned in the article. Listing the items twice this way is a tip I found online.

Banners Unfurled

Amazon of course provides a lot more tools than just simple product links. I haven’t yet had a chance to study all the tools at Associates Central, Amazon’s online hub for the program. I did take a quick look at the wide range of banners provided for use on my blogs.

The banners come in several different sizes, feature different item categories, and have different functions. Some highly dynamic banners even rotate through a selection of products. Just like with the product links, you simply select the banner you want, copy the HTML code, and paste it into your blog, your affiliate id is already included in the code.

Here is an example of one of the banners:

Now, much of what I have read online warns me against the use of banners. Many other bloggers report no sales through banners. I currently have open space on my blogs, so I decided to try them myself and see the results. I added banners to my travel blog, DIY Travelers, my food blog, Cooking School Dropouts, and my wife’s makeup blog, Set Make Up. As you can see, I used two category specific banners, gourmet food for the food blog and beauty products for the makeup blog. I will let you know how the banners perform.

More Ideas to Explore: Specials and Sales

At this point, I have really only dipped my toes into the ocean of affiliate marketing with Amazon. I have several additional strategies I want to try out over the next months.

Amazon Sales and Promotions: Each time I go to the Associates page, Amazon lists sales and promotions it is currently running. If the products relate to one of my blogs, it would be a great idea to talk about and promote the sale on my blog and provide affiliate links.

Price Reductions: I have seen other bloggers monitor prices on Amazon. When an item is reduced, they do a quick blog post announcing the savings to their readers with an affiliate link. I would like to try this strategy not only for affiliate sales, but also as a source of blog topics.

Best Sellers Lists: Amazon has many best seller lists throughout its site. These lists are continuously updated. Many blogger mention these lists on a weekly or monthly basis, discuss the top items, and provide an affiliate link. As with price reductions, this seems a good source for article ideas and sales.

That is everything I have on Amazon Affiliate Marketing right now. Future articles in this series will discuss my success with Amazon. I will also research some new techniques to try out.

For the next article in this series, I will talk about another method for making money writing, Freelance Work.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me, for the Gmacch Blog, this is Giuseppe Macchiaverna.


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Disclosure: Some of the links in this articles are affiliate links for which I receive compensation. If you do purchase any of the linked products, I thank you for your support.

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