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How I Make Money Writing: Amazon Associate Affiliate Marketing Part 1

How I Make Money Writing

Welcome to the first post in a new series here on Gmacch. Let me start by being completely honest, I want to make more money. I love to write and I want to figure out a way to make more money writing. Make enough money that I can spend less time working.

I am assuming that many of you would like the same thing. Is it possible? I am ready to find out. So I am going to try making money online.

In this series I will record the steps I take and give you the results. Will these methods work for me? You will find out first hand. Will they work for you? I will be your test subject so you don’t have to try everything. When I find something that works really well, you can then try it yourself. Hopefully both you and I can work less and make more money online.

So the first method is the Amazon Associate affiliate marketing program.

Why Amazon Associate Program

I have to give credit where credit is due, I am starting with the Amazon Associate program because of two blog articles I read:

There were three specific points in these articles that convinced me to start with Amazon and start early,

  1. Amazon Makes it Easy: Amazon Associates is one of the easiest affiliate programs to sign up for and get started using fast. Payment is straightforward.
  2. All of Amazon is on Sale: Visitors to your website don’t have to buy the product linked to on your site. Once they clink the link, anything they buy for next 24 hours will generate a commission. Amazon is a master of selling, your blog readers may follow the link for one item and end up buying several more.
  3. Links Last Forever: Right now my blogs are just starting out, but down the road they will become more popular. As I gain new readers, they will go back and read older posts on my blog. I want to make sure I start adding relevant Amazon Associate links early so that older blog posts will keep earning money.

Setting Up My Account

    1. To get started, I go to and click the “Join Now for Free” button.

amazon associate sign up 1

  1. I’m asked to log in with my regular Amazon login and password.
  2. Now starts a 3 step application process
  3. Step 1: I am asked to confirm who the payee will be on the account. My name and address is listed on the screen. I actually have an LLC, so I am going to change the payee and enter my company name and EIN.
  4. amazon associate sign up 2

  5. Step 2: Amazon wants to know some information about my websites including the urls, topics, and what products I intend to promote. They also want to know how much traffic my website gets. I have several websites, so I enter the max 5 urls allowed. I am a little worried because my sites don’t have high traffic yet, but I am honest on the form and pick the lowest traffic option.
  6. amazon associate sign up 3

  7. Step 3: Done and now I have access to the Amazon Associates website and tools.

And Now I Wait

That application was fast and very low stress. Amazon congratulates me on completing the process and lets me know that my affiliate account should be approved within 3 days. I also instantly get an email saying the same thing. So far I am really impressed with how easy it was to sign up. While I am waiting for the confirmation, I will be taking a look at the tools on the Amazon Associates page I can now access. I will let you know as soon as I am approved.

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